Exchange Migration Services

Piedmont-Solutions gives you the Perfect Migration Solution.

Migrating all the data, mailboxes, and backups from one server to another involves huge amounts of data and optimal care is necessary to reduce any chance of data loss. Piedmont-Solutions  exists to shoulder the critical tasks to ensure successful Exchange Server migration. We are here to make the whole migration process as fast, simple, hassle-free, and accurate as possible.

 Why Are We The Best?

Piedmont-Solutions is Microsoft certified. Our excellence and experience in practice sets pace in the industry regarding Exchange Server migration. With highly proficient team of experts, consultants, and skilled professionals, to handle all the intricacies of server migrations, the end goal is always to exceed our clients’ expectations. To achieve a successful exchange server migration, we work through commitment and solid relationships with our clients. Our planning strategies are realistic and achievable. Piedmont-Solutions strives to meet  deadlines in order to minimize distractions to the client’s activities during the migration phase. To excel at our goals, we use the best tools available to better serve our clients.

The Migration

Our migration team will help you migrate from on-premise exchange server to the latest server versions to gain the unlimited benefits that come with high capacity servers. With Piedmont-Solutions, migrations are planned and executed with minimal impact to the end-users and IT administrators. Our migration services includes these options:

Exchange Server Upgrade – If you intend to upgrade your exchange server, Piedmont-Solutions will do it for you. We make migration from the previous versions e.g. Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 to Exchange 2016 or Office 365 as efficient and cheap as possible. We also migrate our clients from inefficient on-premises Exchange Server to high capacity servers like Office 365 or Exchange 2016 right to their data center, office, or even our data center, if the situation calls for it. This is a good option for companies who cannot afford a monthly subscription or do not want to use a third party software.

non-Exchange to Exchange or Office 365 – We offer data processes migration from non-Exchange servers to Exchange servers or Office 365. This increases communication and collaboration  to the benefit of the organization.

To bridge the gap between our clients, and us, we have laid down an effective communication network whereby we can monitor the progress of our client’s activities after implementing the exchange server migration. In addition, we always send our staff to monitor the new server performance and rectify any issues. Piedmont-Solutions server migration extends to training the end user on how to use the new Exchange server to ensure a smooth transition. We are your perfect partner in matters of Exchange Server migration.

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