CIO Services

A Chief information officer (CIO) is an executive job title commonly given to the person at an enterprise in charge of information technology (IT) strategy and the computer systems required to support an enterprise's objectives and goals

We provides Chief Information Officer (CIO) and information technology leadership services to companies

Who we help

  • Small and mid-size companies which may not require a full-time CIO
  • Companies which would benefit from an expert audit of their technology environment to ensure that technology is utilized in the best way and the IT costs are optimized
  • Companies experiencing an IT crisis. This could be a sudden departure of their key personnel, a long-running IT project on a brink of failure, security breach, etc
  • Companies experiencing ongoing frequent IT outages
  • Companies undergoing major changes, such as mergers, office moves, or changes in business direction
  • Companies experiencing low level of user satisfaction with IT services

Our expert services

  • Temporary CIO, interim CIO, part-time (fractional) CIO services
  • Technology audit and recommendations for improvements
  • Aligning technology with business strategy, including structuring IT team in an optimal way for each unique company's needs, evaluating and prioritizing ongoing initiatives, hiring the right IT staff
  • Evaluating IT expenditures and finding cost savings
  • Leading strategic projects that require senior-level IT leadership
  • Implementing Business Intelligence solutions
  • Identifying and resolving causes of major IT system outages
  • Remedying the underlying causes of significant project delays
  • Advising on new technologies and their impact on your organization
  • Providing methods for the reduction or elimination of security issues, hardware and application failures, network failures, and human errors
  • Introducing or improving IT policies and procedures
  • Reviewing IT supplier proposals

Our value proposition

  • Our extensive experience and successful track record will guarantee that you will reap the benefits from our engagement very quickly
  • We understand small and mid-size market, so we will not waste your time and will provide you with pragmatic recommendations which suit your unique needs and budgets
  • The outcome of our engagement will not be a band-aid or a quick fix, but rather a thoughtful, long-term solution


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